My case involved a DUI incident. I was staying at a hotel with a roommate for my military drill weekend. I had been drinking in the hotel through the evening, and later at night I went out to my car for some privacy to talk on the phone and continued to have some beer while sitting in the AC since it was very muggy and hot outside and I did not want to disturb my roommate. I was parked on the premises of the hotel given I had a room there. I unintentionally fell asleep in my car for about 30 min, and awoke to a police officer knocking on my window, after which he arrested me for a DUI. Apparently, there is a law that you can not just sit in your car and have a drink just sitting there, or have alcohol in your system which I did not know. Given the fact I was staying at this property, this arrest was completely unnecessary as the officer could’ve just let me go back into my room. Nevertheless, it happened and I was arrested and brought to jail for the night causing me to miss drill the next day. Having this charge, many things in my life started to become affected, and I had no idea what to do so I contacted a few lawyers and also came across Mr. Hebert. I saw his ratings and how he has a great background in handling DUI cases. After speaking and meeting with him the next day after my arrest, I decided he was the best fit to take this on.

Mr. Hebert took the case and immediately got things rolling. He kept very prompt communication with me regarding my case and ensured me he would do his very best to receive the best possible outcome given my unfortunate and unnecessary scenario. His goal was to get these charges refused outright before they even had to a chance to make it past the DAs office, and that is exactly what he did, within approximately one months timeframe at that! I am very pleased with his performance and professionalism and the extremely fast outcome of this incident. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a DUI attorney.



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