Mr. Hebert amazed us with his legal help. If you're looking for a lawyer who'll defend your rights and get the job done, he's your man. Here's what we liked about him:

  1. He was honest. We always knew what we were dealing with and what the implications were.
  2. He was responsive. Every time we had a question, he'd get back to us within hours, if not minutes.
  1. His knowledge of the law is impressive. His work experience as a DA is incredibly useful to his current practice.
  2. He's kind. While the matter was unpleasant, he was always patient.
  3. This matter had dragged on for almost a decade. As soon as we contacted Mr. Hebert, it got dealt with in matter of two to three WEEKS.
  4. Despite us not being in state, he kept us apprised of everything that was happening with the matter at all times.

If you have a legal matter in a Louisiana court that you no longer want to worry about, contact Stephen Hebert today. You won't regret it.

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