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The 34th Judicial District Court is a general jurisdiction court for St. Bernard parish, comprised of five elected judges, Divisions A through E. As a general jurisdiction court, its power and authority extends to all cases of a civil nature including but not limited to disputes between private parties over contract or property rights, claims for personal injury, marriage and family matters, estate, probate and succession rights, and other related matters.


The 34th Judicial District Court also has criminal jurisdiction over misdemeanors, felonies or violations of parish ordinances committed in the territorial jurisdiction of the district and presides over all stages of the criminal proceedings from the setting of bail or other condition of release, the conducting of magistrate court for the determination of bail and probable cause, arraignments, motions and discovery, and the conduct of judge or jury trials on the determination of guilt or innocence, and other related matters.


The 34th Judicial District Court further has juvenile jurisdiction and presides over cases involving a juvenile offender, children in need of supervision, delinquency proceedings and adoptions, and other related matters. The Court further may hear appeals from the Justice of the Peace Courts as well as other appeals where authorized by statute or local ordinance.


The territorial jurisdiction of the 34th Judicial District Court is consistent with the political boundaries of St. Bernard parish, including but not limited to cities such as Chalmette, Arabi, Meraux and Violet.  The courthouse where most cases and business are conducted is located in Chalmette, Louisiana.  Appeals from 34th Judicial District Court go to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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