United States v. Andrew Kelly, United States Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, Docket No. 12-30936

After Andrew Kelly pled guilty to possession with intent to distribute fifty (50) grams or more of cocaine base substance and possession of a firearm during a drug-trafficking offense, he appealed his sentence arguing that, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 3582(c)(2), he was entitled to benefit from all of the changes wrought by the Fair Sentencing Act (FSA), Pub. L. No. 111-120, 124 Stat. 2372. As such, Kelly contended that the district court erred in declining to reduce his sentence below the original mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years. However, other courts had previously ruled that where a defendant was subject to a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence, the district court was not authorized to grant a reduction below that minimum. In light of this persuasive authority, the Fifth Circuit declined to treat a section 3582(c)(2) modification hearing as the equivalent of an original sentencing under Dorsey v. United States. Accordingly, the court affirmed Kelly's sentence.


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